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Farm insurance for Australia’s primary producers

Making a living off the land can be challenging and complex at the best of times – and no two farms are the same. That’s why we have developed insurance solutions that cover the key risks farmers face, whilst still being flexible enough to meet their unique needs.

The farm insurance specialists

At ARGIS, we’re experts in arranging quality farm insurance to service Australia’s primary producers. Unlike others, farm insurance is all we do. As specialists with a distinct focus, we’ve been able to develop a deep understanding of our farming clients and their businesses.

We work closely with brokers like you, giving your clients access to our Insurer, underwriters and claim specialists. This helps you to provide your farming clients with outstanding cover and service.

A comprehensive farming

Our comprehensive package offers cover for everything from farm buildings and property, to vehicles, agricultural equipment and even personal cover and farm interruption – providing your clients with reassurance that they will be protected in the event that they do suffer a loss.

Case study

Case study

Farmers John and Susan Bailey* lost their property in a catastrophic fire occurring on 29 November 2018. Within a day, a loss adjuster flew down to where the property was located in order to assess the damage and they received an emergency payment for clothing and other immediate needs.

On December 6, ARGIS created a release for the total loss settlement of the property and sent it to the couple’s broker to be signed. The total payment was released to John and Susan by 17 December. The cover also provided temporary accommodation over the Christmas period – taking some of the stress out of losing their home and part of their business.

The claim was finalised in early February, providing the funds to the Baileys to rebuild their home, re-establish their business and ultimately allowing them to get back on their feet far sooner than if they hadn’t been insured.

*Not their real names.