Making a claim

Making a claim

At ARGIS, we utilise the services of HDI Global Specialty SE – Australia to assist with the external, specialist management of our claims. Innovation Group covers all motor vehicle claims while Proclaim handles all other property, liability and non-motor claims. While ARGIS can provide assistance and support, the entire claims process is handled by our provider.

Claims can be submitted by notifying us directly in writing. Please refer to the PDS for more information regarding claims. Please see details regarding how to lodge a claim as provided below.

For motor claims:

Phone: 1300 032 733


  1. When lodging a claim, we ask that you have the following information readily available in order for the claim to be assessed as efficiently as possible:
    • Client policy number
    • Details of the incident, including time and location
    • Details of anyone involved in the incident, including names and contact numbers, licence numbers, vehicle registration and insurance details if applicable
    • A copy of the police report, if relevant
    • Photos of the incident, if available.
  2. We will then provide you with a claim number and inform you of the next steps for your client.
  3. One of our qualified assessors will assess the quote and vehicle damage either onsite, or through images, whilst endeavouring to keep in touch with you throughout the assessment.
  4. Once your claim has been assessed, providing that the claim is approved, your client’s vehicle will either be repaired or your client will be paid out.


Download the ARGIS Private, Farm and Business Vehicle Claim Form here.

For property, liability and all non-motor claims:

Proclaim have two types of claims processes – standard and urgent.


Standard claims:

For standard day to day claims, simply submit your claim form, quotes and or invoices via email to: or phone:1300 032 744.


Urgent claims:

To submit an urgent claim, either:

  • email; or
  • call our dedicated ARGIS claims phone line on 03 9660 5270 during business hours, and our team will seek to assist you with lodging your claim over the phone.


Proclaim also provide some brokers with an online claim lodgement system through our website. Simply call us on 1300 552 446 to find out how to access this system. Please visit our ‘Documents page to download the relevant claim form.


Please note that for policies with an inception date on or before 5 May 2017 underwritten by Great Lakes Australia, claims are handled by GLA and Innovation Group. For claims arising from such policies, please refer to the contact details below.


For property and liability claims:

Phone: 1300 734 617



For motor claims:

Phone: 1300 794 364