ARGIS Farm Extra Insurance: FAQs

Does ARGIS have a minimum section requirement?

Yes, we do. Clients need to take out a minimum of five Sections as set out in the ARGIS Farm Extra Insurance PDS. However, many of our cover types are split across multiple sections. For example, Farm Buildings, Farm Contents and Farm Contents Theft are all separate sections. Similarly, Dwelling and Contents of Dwelling are separate sections.

How do brokers get a quote?

To request a quote, either:

If we need any more information, we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

Do I need to complete a proposal form for new business?

ARGIS requires that your client either use our Online Quote Request Form, or complete and sign a short proposal form following our acceptance of a quotation. That’s because the proposal only requests basic details and disclosure questions about the insured.

We must receive the proposal form within our standard 30-day cover note period. As a broker, you can sign the proposal form on behalf of the insured.

Does ARGIS write business in far north Queensland?

No – we only write business for farms that are located as far north as Rockhampton.