Flexible cover for primary producers

The ARGIS Farm Extra Insurance product is designed to provide comprehensive cover to full time primary producers in Australia.


Our risk appetite centres on providing a complete farm package^ within our can-do occupations and postcodes.


Our underwriting criteria requires your clients to take out a minimum of 5 qualifying cover sections, one of which must be Farmers’ Liability, in order for us to consider offering cover. Key benefits under each cover section*:

Dwelling and Contents of Dwelling

  • Special provisions for total loss: additional 30% of the building sum insured paid in the event of a total loss from a catastrophe to cover increased costs to rebuild as a result of the catastrophe event
  • Loss of rent due to insured event: up to 20% of sum insured for the dwelling
  • Unoccupancy: cover limited after 120 days
  • Household contents accidental damage: anywhere in world
  • Unspecified personal effects: automatic cover, limited to 25% of contents sum insured for any one claim/$10,000 limit on any one item, pair/set
  • Owners liability and Personal liability: $20,000,000

Fencing and Fire: Livestock

  • Fire: Livestock – theft: up to $5,000 any one event/Up to $10,000 any one period of insurance

Farm Building, Contents and Theft Sections

  • Farm buildings future additions new building up to $200,000. Alterations up to $50,000
  • Farm contents fire fighting costs: up to $20,000
  • Farming interruption: up to $10,000
  • Livestock and goods in transit: limit per animal $2,000, vet fees $1000, removal of debris $5,000/$20,000 any one event

Farmers’ Liability

  • Drones Covered up to maximum weight of 25kg
  • Occasional farm contracting: covered up to $100,000 or 20% of combined annual turnover (whichever is the lesser)
  • Property in physical or legal control: animals up to $100,000 ($10,000 per animal). Other property up to $250,000
  • Roadside grazing: automatically included

Private, Farm and Business Vehicle

  • Agreed value: Optional on cars and utilities
  • New vehicle replacement: cars, utes & trucks up to 7,500kg. Less than 3 years old. Up to 50,000km
  • Windscreen extension: excess not applicable to first claim for cars (automatically included) and utilities up to 2 tonne (Optional extension)
  • Legal liability death/bodily injury extension: $20 million

* See further details by downloading our ARGIS Farm Extra Insurance Product Overview brochure. Please see the ARGIS Farm Extra Insurance PDS for full coverage information.

Cover to suit your clients’ needs

Build tailored cover from these 14 policy sections:

Farm Building

Cover for accidental loss to farm buildings including stockyards and pens, tanks, feed silos, fixed plant and machinery and solar panels as well as for improvements to such buildings.

Farm Contents

Cover for accidental loss (other than theft) of the contents of a farm – from fixed plant and machinery, agricultural vehicles, tools and equipment, farm stores, packing materials, harvested stores and baled hay.

Farm Contents Theft

Cover for accidental loss by theft following forcible entry or threat of a violent entry to a locked building or vehicle as well as special extensions including stolen keys.

Machinery Breakdown and Refrigerated Stock

Cover for the cost of restoring mechanical, electrical or electronic plant, machinery and apparatus to normal working order following breakdown as well as for the deterioration of refrigerated stock arising from breakdown to refrigeration machinery.

FIRE: Fencing, Farm Machinery and Sundry Items

Cover for accidental loss to farm machinery, implements, tractor attachments and trailers caused by events such as fire, explosion, lightning, earthquake and malicious acts / vandalism.

FIRE: Livestock

Cover for accidental loss of livestock – the animals that are part of your farming production – caused by events including fire, electrocution, lightning or impact from vehicles, as well as special extensions such as veterinary fees.

Farm Working Dogs

Cover for death, including accidental death, to farm working dogs, as well as for veterinary fees following services administered to prevent the death of your ill or injured dog, even where death still occurs and for your dog to be euthanised humanely.

Farmers’ Liability

Cover for both Public Liability, in respect of personal injury to others or damage to the property of others, and for Products Liability, as a result of sale or supply of goods and products, arising out of your farming operations.


Covers farmers’ homes against accidental loss or damage caused by lightning, earthquakes, impact by vehicles or aircraft, including automatic Owners Liability cover up to a maximum of $20,000,000 for liability to third parties.

Contents of Dwelling

Covers for accidental loss or damage to household contents, including furniture, bicycles, paintings and clothing anywhere in the world, provided they have not been permanently removed from the situation.

Personal Effects

Cover for accidental loss or damage to personal effects including jewellery, watches, photographic equipment, musical instruments, mobile phones, laptops and sporting equipment.

Private, Farm and Business Vehicle

Cover for loss or damage to vehicles such as motorcycles, tractors, trucks, trailers and utilities whilst in use for private, social, domestic, pleasure and farm purposes as well as Legal Liability cover to a maximum of $20,000,000.

Personal Accident and Sickness

Cover provided in the form of benefits where an injury or illness results in certain events such as death, disability and/or disablement.

Pleasure Boat

Cover for accidental loss or damage to the boat whilst in use (whether for private and pleasure purpose or as a wind powered boat in an event such as a regatta), as well as Legal Liability cover to a maximum of $20,000,000.

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The standard excess applicable to most of the above Sections is $500. Qualifying sections apply.
Terms, definitions, conditions, exclusions and limits apply.