Why choose cover with ARGIS?

Why choose cover with ARGIS?

By selecting ARGIS, your farming clients will have access to a multitude of benefits including:

Competitive pricing

Using our pricing model, we offer competitive quotes tailored to suit the kind of cover required.

Online quotes

Check your clients’ eligibility instantly, then request a quote using our Online Quote Request Form – saving you time and hassle.

Dedicated service

Our dedicated team is ready to guide you at every step of the process.

Simplified processes

With all ARGIS underwriting centralised in one location at our Farm Centre in Melbourne, we are uniquely placed to offer dependable service.

Case study

Case study

Andrew* was on his way to deliver his cattle to a feedlot in his trusted prime mover, which was towing two full trailers of cattle. Because he was on an unfamiliar road and in a location with poor signage, he slowed down just to be safe.

As he came to a corner, the load shifted, causing both the prime mover and trailers to roll over. Luckily, both Andrew and his employee in the passenger seat were left uninjured. But sadly, some of Andrew’s cattle didn’t survive.

Andrew was upset over the loss. The last thing he needed was the extra inconvenience and stress in getting his vehicle repaired. Thankfully, the claim was accepted and his broker managed it through Innovation Group. His claim was assessed by a qualified assessor, and his vehicle was repaired by a quality mechanic – which meant Andrew could get back to operating his farm.

*Not their real names.

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